My Telegraph Refugees

This is a resource providing links to orphaned My Telegraph contributors who are continuing to blog and publish elsewhere. No approval of included bloggers is implied, and no approval of me by included bloggers should be inferred.  It is open to new contributors who are committed to open debate and the best traditions of My Telegraph.

You can post suggestions and requests here or reach me at







6 Responses to My Telegraph Refugees

  1. ponsuda says:

    Love to join your site when my own is up and running….needs a whole lot of editing first which could take up most of the summer months! Best wishes in the meantime 🙂

  2. Araminta says:

    Hi HMB.

    Please feel free to add my site to your list:

  3. tambman says:

    A lot of us are on Facebook in the group My Telegraph.

  4. goggzilla says:

    Shanghai, Kiska, Begbie, now on Goggzilla. Mostly a blogge on police corruption.

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